Pine Crest Farm

Rehab & Retirement Program

We understand when your horse gets hurt or starts requiring extra care the stress that comes with it. Just knowing that someone is always there for your best friend can make a world of difference, but if you want an extra hand we can help you there too. Pine Crest Farm offers multiple packages for horses in retirement and rehab that offers different levels of a helping hand!

Standards Package - Call for Price
  • Stall or Pasture board (price varies)
  • All the general care of a standard stable: water, feed, hay, daily turn out!
  • Checked on Daily!
  • Custom Feeding Program
  • Supplements & Medication given (provided by Owner)
  • De-worming program included (every 8 weeks, 3 rotations)
  • Standard Farrier program included - Trims (every 6-8 weeks)
  • Standard Blanket Service (Washing & Changing by temperature/season) (Blankets provided by owner)
  • Summer Fly protection service - flyspray/flymasks as needed (owner provided)
  • No Charges for holding for the vet & farrier

Gold Care Package - Call for Price
  • Everything from the Standards Package
  • Premium Blanket Service (washing & changing as needed) (Blankets provided by owner)
  • Light Grooming Service (grooming/bathing 2x month)
  • Sheath Cleaning
  • Premium Vetting Program - everything from standard vetting program, plus annual dental work.
  • Premium Farrier Program - standard shoeing included (if special shoeing is need, difference payed for by owner)
Platinum Care Package - Call for Price
  • Everything in the Standards & Gold Care Packages
  • Hand walking for horses on stall rest
  • Light Riding/Work outs (up to __x week)
  • Premium Grooming Service (grooming 3-5 x week)
  • Medicated Bathing
  • Schedule Chiropractor & Message Appointments (number of times as directed by owner, payed for by owner)
  • Injury Treatment - changing wraps, minor cuts, no extra charge
  • Pulling/Clipping Main

Custom Care Package - Call for Quote
  • If you need more then what the Platinum Care Package offers or just need something extra, please contact us and we will prepare a quote.
Rehab & Retirement Program -  Contact: Julie Sweet 608-358-0386
Wisconsin Dells, WI

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